Science DMZ

San Diego State University is connected to the CENIC HPR and DC networks via fiber provided by Lumen Technologies on optical route 38 via UCSD. Funding for Science DMZ infrastructure was provided through NSF Office of CyberInfrastructure CC-NIE Grant 1245312 – $498,597
Network Infrastructure: Implementation of a Science DMZ at San Diego State University to Facilitate High-Performance Data Transfer for Scientific Applications

CENIC Site Name: San Diego State University
CENIC Site Code: SDSU1
CENIC Service IDs:

  • DC-L3-SDSU-RIVE1-10G-16306 (General Enterprise Network DC – Digital California)
  • DC-L3-SDSU1-RIVE1-10G-8076 (General Enterprise Network DC – Digital California)
  • DC-L3-SDSU-SAND1-20G-8035 (General Enterprise Network DC – Digital California)
  • HPR-L3-SDSU1-SAND1-100G-6583 (Science DMZ HPR 100G uplink to Brocade MLXe-4)
  • DC-L3-SDSU1-SAND1-10G-2695 (Science DMZ DC 10G uplink to Brocade MLXe-4)
  • HPR-L3-SDSU1-LOSA2-10G-1541 (Science DMZ HPR 10G uplink to ALOS10K)
  • XD-L1-SDSU1-SAND1-10G-4031 (Science DMZ 10G uplink to SDSC for HPWREN)